Security Video Systems

Video Monitoring contributes to more efficient security

Video monitoring is an often overlooked and undervalued security service. Corporations are trending towards more automation to reach greater efficiencies. The use of remote video  monitoring services is a great option to leverage this trend to achieve proactive automated security measures and lower operating expenses. Video surveillance systems should be a custom solution specific to [...]

Respect the Building: Securing Historic Properties

Since Hoosier Security is based in Downtown Indianapolis, we often get the opportunity to secure historic buildings. These include structures with limestone facades and other challenging aesthetic features. We’re well-suited for these situations because we look at every project with a fresh perspective, and we always respect a building’s unique attributes. We do careful walkthroughs [...]

How Security Companies Can Differentiate Themselves

There used to be a time when video surveillance companies could differentiate themselves based on video quality. Those of us who understood the technology and learned how it could be leveraged to solve our clients’ problems did well. But these days, video quality isn’t enough. Today, even cheap consumer-grade surveillance equipment provides acceptable video quality, [...]

Recording Public Space: CCTV Best Practices

As technology continues to advance and video recording becomes easier and more affordable, CCTV has become an increasingly popular security tool. Americans are now using an estimated 30 million surveillance cameras and shooting more than 4 billion hours of footage a week, according to recent statistics. The law moves much more slowly than technology, and [...]

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