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Our Partnerships with Top-Tier Vendors

As the founder of Hoosier Security, I’m adamant that we remain an independent security company. This approach has lots of advantages: It allows us to provide the right solutions, regardless of who makes them, for our clients. And it lets us integrate systems from different manufacturers without bias toward another company’s competing product. That’s critical [...]

How Secure Are Standard Key Fobs and Access Cards?

A recent survey conducted by the security company Brivo found that 60% of respondents with electronic access control systems are still using standard key fobs and access cards. Unfortunately, standard access cards and key fobs are easy to duplicate. For $10-$30 dollars you can buy a card duplicator on eBay that will copy most standard 125khz [...]

Respect the Building: Securing Historic Properties

Since Hoosier Security is based in Downtown Indianapolis, we often get the opportunity to secure historic buildings. These include structures with limestone facades and other challenging aesthetic features. We’re well-suited for these situations because we look at every project with a fresh perspective, and we always respect a building’s unique attributes. We do careful walkthroughs [...]

How Security Companies Can Differentiate Themselves

There used to be a time when video surveillance companies could differentiate themselves based on video quality. Those of us who understood the technology and learned how it could be leveraged to solve our clients’ problems did well. But these days, video quality isn’t enough. Today, even cheap consumer-grade surveillance equipment provides acceptable video quality, [...]

The only security system warranty you’ll ever need.

At Hoosier Security, we only sell and install the best surveillance camera systems—products like Avigilon’s line of HD cameras with sophisticated analytics. But even the most elite security systems can malfunction, which is why all our products carry a three-year warranty on parts and labor. Just Fix It. For some clients, our standard warranty isn’t enough. [...]

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