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Modern IP Cameras Offer Unprecedented Quality & Features

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Video surveillance quality has come a long way since the grainy images delivered by the first analog cameras. Outdated security systems can only offer so much detail – if you try to zoom in on an image, the result is a blurry mess.

On the other hand, modern IP digital cameras have high-resolution footage that can capture important details (e.g. eye color, a license plate number, or even a pithy saying on a T-shirt) that can help identify intruders. Newer cameras also can “see” a lot better than their predecessors. Some models offer 360-views, thermal imaging functions and the ability to adjust images according to light levels. One of the most appealing features of IP cameras is that the footage they record is easy to manage. It can be backed-up to a DVR, stored in the cloud and even accessed remotely via smartphone.

If you’re thinking about adding a security system at your place of business or just want to upgrade what you already have, here are some points to consider:

Retail Needs

When businesses think about security, they may tend to focus on outside threats. However, in the retail industry, the risk of employee theft shouldn’t be underestimated. In 2012, one out of every 40 retail employers apprehended a worker for theft, with employees, on average, accounting for economic loss 5.5 times greater than shoplifting-related loss.

Retail Security cameras are often fixed on one point. In the retail businesses, that might be the cash register. But if you can’t see what’s happening behind the counter, in the stockroom or on the sales floor, you could be at higher risk for employee theft, along with shoplifting.

Digital cameras with 360-degree views offer much greater coverage, and they may be a more affordable alternative to installing multiple cameras to cover large areas.

Outdoor Areas

Outdoor environments present additional challenges for video surveillance systems. A camera needs to be able to monitor the premises, regardless of whether the sun is shining, or hail is falling from the sky. Modern IP cameras offer solutions that can stand up to the weather.

When visibility is poor due to weather or low light, thermal imaging can detect living, breathing presences on your property (it can even help you figure out what kind of woodland creature is raiding your dumpster each night).


Individual surveillance system cameras can communicate with each other and give business owners real-time access to footage that can be compressed and stored in a number of formats for easy retrieval. Despite the remarkable abilities these systems have, they’re relatively simple to operate and maintain.

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