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We get feedback from our customers pretty consistently. Sometimes even a couple of years after their security system has been installed. I received an email today from one of our long-time customers. A Shelbyville, Indiana auto dealer that is part of a major Auto Group and purchased a Hoosier Security custom IP camera system a little over a year ago. This one is from their Ford Store.

I just wanted to drop you an email and say “Thank You!”   We had a customer stop in the other day and was shopping for an hour and when he went to leave he thought someone here  had scratched his car.
He was a little upset. Stating that someone here had ran a key down the side of his car and was demanding that we paint his car for free!
As I was looking at his car and discussing it with him I showed him our security camera outside looking down at the parking lot.  He and I went inside my office and reviewed the whole time he was here and discovered that not one person had touched his car. You saved me over a thousand dollars worth of painting and no customer complaint!!
Thanks Hoosier Security Team!!
Duane D. Davis
General Manager
Issues like this are faced by our clients almost daily. Its a great feeling to know that our security camera systems provide value to our clients for years on end.

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