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Introducing Custom Health AI Security Systems to Help Businesses Address Health Concerns

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Scanning system can be implemented as custom solution for any business to detect symptoms of COVID -19.

INDIANAPOLIS – Industrial electronic security company Hoosier Security announced today their offerings of two new AI products built to support employers’ efforts to protect workers in light of new health concerns in the workplace as companies return to offices. The company is currently finalizing partner selection for beta testing of the products with several Hoosier employers and is on target to offer the solutions publicly within the next two months.

Hoosier Security specializes in commercial and industrial electronic security solutions, with a focus on custom systems designed to solve specific operations and security problems in the Midwest. Each product can be customized for any physical business building.

The first offering is a thermal camera scanner system. It is an AI solution that can be used for detecting elevated skin temperature in high-traffic public places through quick target screening. The solution includes a camera-based system with complementing analytics software. It has the potential to run congruently with facial recognition software to increase business security as well.

The second offering is an access control solution. By using AI software, this enhanced entry screening requires individuals to present a key fob at an entrance to identify themselves and then present their hand or face which is scanned for temperature and mask detection through touch-free cameras and palm readers.

Both solutions address new hygiene and medical concerns that have developed for the workplace in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. These solutions would alert proper company management of the anomaly and prevent access to individuals presenting body temperatures over a certain threshold. Both products utilize touchless recognition technology.

“As folks begin to go back to working in a physical office space, it will be more critical than ever to keep the workforce safe,” said Armando Perez, president of Hoosier Security. “We feel a responsibility to do this the right way, as this is a new era for security and health technology. This new technology is bringing in questionable claims from companies looking to make a quick profit but many of those solutions don’t work as intended – the industry is starting to resemble a ‘Gold Rush’ atmosphere. We’re doing everything in our power to ensure these products are compliant with all federal regulations and will update them as often as needed to increase and meet security standards.”

Hoosier Security plans to conduct beta testing on these innovative products in the coming weeks to perfect their verification, capacity and improved security performance. Details for pricing, installation options, applications for beta testing participation and more information can be found at https://hoosiersecurity.info/.

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Hoosier Security specializes in commercial and industrial electronic security solutions with a focus on custom systems designed to solve specific operations and security problems. Hoosier Security customizes enterprise-class security systems, leveraging artificial intelligence, machine learning and advanced analytics to provide surveillance, access control and monitoring solutions that perform at the highest standard, installed to exacting specifications. The company is based in Indianapolis and serves companies all over the United States with a focus in the Midwest.

Armando Perez
President, Hoosier Security

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