Retail Security Systems

Surveillance Systems for Retail Stores in Indianapolis

Whether a large department store or a corner bakery, all retailers are at risk of loss from both staff and customers. Retail surveillance and security systems are a key to protecting your retail establishment, serving as a visual deterrent to theft, as well as equipping management and owners with tools to better deal with issues such as liability claims and employee productivity.

Hoosier Security has experience when it comes to issues of retail security. When designing and installing retail security systems, we understand the retail security issues common in the industry, and we can customize to accommodate your unique needs.

Design of retail store security systems.

When designing your surveillance systems, Hoosier Security first builds out a custom prototype plan using 3D software. We virtually build out the whole property and can literally help you visualize the plan that will address retail security issues like:

  • General safety and security
  • Prevention of employee theft
  • Shoplifting prevention
  • Deterring transaction fraud
  • Panic buttons
  • Minimizing unaccounted and accidental losses of inventory
  • Managing different access authorizations
  • Alarms for unauthorized entry to prevent access to property and assets

In our design and installation, we are also concerned with your need to maintain the presentation and overall aesthetics of your retail environment. With our system design, there is no need to worry about security equipment being intrusive or taking away from the presentation of your retail space.

Retail security cameras.

Retail security cameras are a critical component of a retail security system and are invaluable in many areas of concern for retailers, including:

  • Assessing traffic flow
  • Tracking purchasing behavior of customers
  • Assessing if employees are following procedures
  • Ascertaining how long customers have to wait
  • Reconciling transaction disputes
  • Monitoring training efforts
  • Determining fault in liability claims (e.g. If a customer is injured in the store and sues, video can provide evidence of what actually occurred and who is liable.)
  • Syncing to registers (Enables copy of receipt to be printed over the video for follow up on potential fraud or shortage.)

Retail security cameras are extremely effective for detecting intruders in the retail environment, monitoring actions of employees, and providing indisputable documentation of events. They are a powerful management tool, assisting retail establishments to mitigate security risks and track performance metrics on a daily basis.

Three-year warranty protection.

Hoosier Security offers a three-year warranty on both parts and labor for all commercial security systems. You won’t find a better warranty anywhere.

For more information on our retail security systems or to request a quote, please contact us today.