Restaurant Security Systems in Indianapolis

Hoosier Security knows that security systems for restaurants must do more than detect after-hours intruders. That’s why we design and install customized restaurant security systems that address every type of risk restaurants may encounter, and we offer round-the-clock monitoring services, too.

Considerations for Restaurant Security Systems

Whether creating a security system for a 24-hour fast food restaurant or a four-star eatery with a full bar, we focus on several objectives:

  • Creating secure outdoor areas: Well-lit parking lots and external restaurant security cameras can help deter crime on your property.
  • Protecting assets from external threats: An alarm system can protect your inventory when the restaurant is closed, and panic buttons allow employees to discreetly notify authorities if a crime occurs during business hours.
  • Monitoring the premises to reduce employee-related loss: The restaurant industry has an employee turnover rate of roughly 72 percent, and when employees are unhappy or unattached to their jobs, the risk of theft increases. Restaurant security cameras can help detect when employees misappropriate inventory or cash, and high-resolution footage can reveal any unauthorized discounts employees may provide when ringing up purchases.
  • Avoiding fire damage: Our restaurant security systems can detect smoke, heat, carbon monoxide, and fire.
  • Detecting water: A leaking pipe or malfunctioning sump pump can quickly cause a lot of damage. Hoosier Security’s water sensors provide instant alerts when water is present where it shouldn’t be.
  • Discovering equipment failure: Our restaurant security sensors monitor heating and air-conditioning systems and refrigeration areas to ensure they’re working properly.
  • Defending against liability claims: Security camera footage has helped the National Insurance Crime Bureau discover when customers’ claims of injuries inside a business were fraudulent.

Our guarantee.

We use 3D modeling software to design restaurant security systems, and we’ll show you a virtual preview of what your security cameras will be recording. We never install a system until you’re completely satisfied with the 3D rendering and preview.

Once we install your equipment, it’s yours to keep. We’ll show you how to use it and perform administrative functions, and we maintain no record of your administrative password, so you’ll never have to worry about unauthorized access to your security system.

Along with expert installation and outstanding customer service, Hoosier Security offers maintenance, repair, and alarm systems monitoring. And all of our commercial customers get a three-year warranty on parts and labor.

Contact us today to request your no-obligation consultation.