SITEWATCH – Video Verified Alarms

This is a sample installation of our SiteWATCH Active Security solution. When we were approached by the Indianapolis branch of a regional construction materials distributor to solve a problem involving the theft of outdoor inventory, Hoosier Security proposed our video verified outdoor alarm system. Because the entire area was fenced, it allowed us to mount our outdoor motion viewers directly on the fence in order to directly watch the inventory. The sensors are all wireless with a battery life of 3 years and encrypted communications. When motion is sensed a 10 second video clip is quickly sent to our central station and reviewed by a dispatcher. If there is suspicious activity, such as a person inside a secured area then IMPD is dispatched immediately with a description of the individual and what they are doing.

The proposal included signage and automated arming and disarming based on the schedule of the business making this a system that the client doesnt even need to operate, it is fully automated. Before the implementation of SiteWATCH this site was experiencing weekly thefts of entire pallets of roofing shingles, in the year and a half since its implementation not a single shingle has been stolen.