Foodservice Security Camera Installations – Indianapolis, IN Bars and Restaurants


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Standard Resolution Analog Cameras:

Sample CCTV Image of Bar Cash Drawer

Standard Resolution Bar Cash Till Camera Shot

standard resolution bar cctv camera image

standard resolution sample image of a bar security camera










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High Resoution Analog Cameras (Higher video quality is available in digital/IP camera form):

Bartenders dont Steal if theyre being watched by security cameras.

Medium Res Analog Screenshot of Analog CCTV Camera in a Bar

Medium Resolution Bar Security Camera Image

Medium Resolution Bar Security Camera Image

General View CCTV Image of Bar

Medium Resolution General View Image of a Bar Security Camera. Great for seeing who started the fight.

Wide View, Narrow Focus Bar CCTV Camera Image

This camera is focused on the bar itself. You can see how clearly the bar appears, yet we have wide coverage just in case something happens in the background.