Jewelry store Security Camera Sample Images

When we were approached by Pandora Jewelers about their new store in Indianapolis, Hoosier Security recommended the installation of a full HD video system. The following images were taken from the actual cameras we installed at that Jewelry store. These images are raw as saved directly from the recorder provided by Hoosier Security, with no quality alterations.  Click any image to see it full size. We have perfected the upgrade process from standard quality analog CCTV systems to HD quality security camera systems, and in most cases we are able to retain most of the existing wiring, power and other infrastructure to provide business owners with super high quality, 1080p video while keeping costs in check.


Full HD Jewelry store Security Cams

FULL HD sample CCTV image - Click for FULL SIZE

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HD CCTV - Jewelry Store

1080p HD Security Camera, Jewelry Store - Click To See Full Size


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