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Broken Security Cameras? We Can Help!

Security Camera Repair Done Right.

Hoosier Security prides itself on being a high-tech company with old-school service. We like to take care of our customers, that means that when we are faced with a challenge of repairing a security camera installation, we tackle each problem and help the customer make a decision on which way is best to proceed. There are times when the original installation has enough problems that getting the security camera repair right requires starting from scratch, but that is not usually the case and often we find that a repair can re-use many of the existing components while still giving the customer a considerable upgrade in quality and usability of their security cameras.

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When meeting with customers concerning the repair or troubleshooting of their CCTV systems, we usually find one of two scenarios.

In the first of these two scenarios we find a system that was properly designed and installed and has simply aged or experienced a very minor specific failure. There may be some minor problems like cameras that are not the best choice for their particular location, or obvious lack of maintenance, but these are easily taken care of. The customer understands the value and benefits the properly functioning security cameras bring to their business and not having them functioning properly is affecting the daily operation of their business. We tackle these problems quite effectively by repairing the localized problems as I discuss below.

The second of these scenarios is not nearly as pleasant. We may walk in and find a fairly recent installation that was botched from day one. It’s not uncommon for unscrupulous “security dealers” to try to branch out from selling their contract alarms and try to make some money in the CCTV business. Most of these are of the “trunk-slammer” variety and will make the job work well enough to get their check, then they blast out of town, never to be heard from again. Good luck trying to get them to come out and fix it once they’ve been paid, chances are they don’t even know what’s really wrong. These situations are difficult because we sometimes have to look a customer in the face and tell them they got ripped off, and that even though they paid good money for their system, what they got is hacked together. All is not lost, however. We often find that even in these situations, we can reuse a good portion of the equipment, saving the customer further expense.

Hoosier Security can repair and troubleshoot your video surveillance system.

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Types of Security camera repairs and the potential improvements they can bring:

Sometimes repairs are inexpensive, simple and effective. Those repairs are no-brainers that require little expense, and can even bring with them improvements that benefit the customer and make their security system more usable.

Why is my video not recording?  Hard Drive Failure.

Hard Drive failure can be catastrophic if the original DVR was not set up properly. All of our DVR systems come with a solid state drive with no moving parts. This drive is used for the operating system, sot hat a catastrophic failure is highly unlikely. In most cases, the repairs we see are systems with standard hard drives. This means not only replacing the drive but rebuilding the software on the server, from windows to the camera software. Fortunately, when this happens, there is an added bonus. Most older systems had smaller hard drives, anywhere from 60GB to 500GB. Our inventory starts at 1 Terabyte (1000GB) and goes up from there. This means when we repair a system with a faulty hard drive, your recording time will increase significantly.

Why is my DVR shutting down?  Software Problems.

The corrupt software can wreak havoc on a surveillance system. It can make remote viewing impossible, destroy the video database, cause the system to crash and become inoperable and many other weird and strange behaviors. Luckily, we can fix this type of problem. If the customer has the original disc this becomes a pretty easy process, even if they don’t have a copy of the original software, which is quite common, the repair is still quite reasonable and doable. When updating software to the newest version there are usually some new features that become activated, making the security camera system more useful or easier to use. We have seen older systems magically become Android and iPhone compatible when completing a software repair or upgrade. PC Load Letter?

Why is my Security Camera Screen Blue?  Dead Cameras.

A bad video signal, Snow. Horizontal or Vertical Scrolling Lines. We’ve seen everything when it comes to troubleshooting a bad video signal from a security camera. Sometimes, a $5 part will fix the whole thing, other times, we have to re-wire and replace. Regardless, we tackle each system with the customers use in mind. We trace wires to find potential factors causing interference, and we can install baluns, ground loop isolators, or other video devices to bring the video back up to standards, sometimes though, we have to replace a camera. When this happens, we look at the target of the camera, the lighting conditions, and things like viewing angle and capabilities of the DVR to select the right camera for that particular job. The end result is usually more clarity, cleaner images and more readable video than there ever was before the replacement. Oftentimes, the replacement camera is of much higher resolution than the original. Hooray for free upgrades!

Why is my DVR not turning on?  Dead Recorders.

We can repair pretty much anything CCTV related. However, there are times when a DVR is so far gone, it is either unrepairable, or a repair might cost more than a brand new machine of higher quality. Remember, these are electronic computer-based devices, and they are not meant to last forever. We can continue to resuscitate and breather new life into your old CCTV recorder, but when it comes time to tell you to let go, we will tell you your money is better spent elsewhere. Luckily, recorders, DVRs and NVRs have come a long way in the last several years. New CCTV DVR systems come with many advanced searching functions, iPhone and Android compatibility, increased frame rates, higher resolution recording and the ability to handle intelligent and super high-resolution megapixel cameras. Even new analog systems have much-improved video quality over systems from just a few years ago. Hybrid systems are now available that can use existing older analog cameras side by side with newer much higher resolution megapixel cameras. Some customers find the end result of an upgrade is reason enough to be thankful for the failure that led them to improve the quality of their video. We are even able to bring cameras up to 2 or 3 megapixels without replacing the existing coax wiring.

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When your Video surveillance system fails, do yourself a favor, look into repairing it before throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Recent improvements in the industry allow us to use much of your existing infrastructure and still dramatically improve quality, even if your system is currently broken!

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