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10 Reasons to Switch to Mobile Access Control

mobile access control

In today’s fast-paced world, traditional access methods are outdated. Hoosier Security, a Swiftlane Mobile Access vendor, offers mobile access control that lets you unlock doors, amenities, package rooms, parking garages, and elevators with your smartphone. Discover the benefits of switching to mobile access control for enhanced security and convenience.

1. Enhanced Security

Mobile credentials are more secure than key cards, which can easily be cloned.

2. Universal Smartphone Usage

With 93% of Americans owning smartphones, mobile access is accessible to almost everyone.

3. Convenience

Granting and revoking access remotely eliminates the need for physical key card handoffs.

4. Cost Efficiency

Avoid the costs associated with lost or stolen key cards.

5. Improved User Experience

Mobile access simplifies interoffice travel and reduces administrative burdens.

6. Instant Updates

Administrators can instantly update access permissions from anywhere.

7. Easy Integration

Mobile systems seamlessly integrate with HR and single sign-on systems.

8. Intuitive Use

Mobile systems are user-friendly, eliminating the need for specialized training.

9. Remote Management

Access can be managed from anywhere, providing flexibility and efficiency.

10. Browser Interface

All system features are accessible via a browser, making management convenient.

Ready to Upgrade?

Contact Hoosier Security for a customized quote to upgrade to a more secure, convenient mobile access control system.

For more details, visit Swiftlane’s original blog.

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