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Hoosier Security Just Fix It Service Plan

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Commercial security systems are a vital part of your business. Systems like Access Control and security cameras must have constant functionality–they help automate your business. And when one of those systems is down, your ability to do your job is compromised. This is why it is vital to keep your security system functioning at peak efficiency.

Hoosier Security’s Just Fix It service plan plays a vital role in ensuring maximum uptime and minimum headache with your security electronics.

Premium service.

The Just Fix It plan is our premium service plan. With this service, you can rest knowing your security cameras and access control systems are operating properly. If a problem arises, we address it immediately with whatever service or equipment is required.

We always offer a standard three-year warranty, but if we need to replace a part or piece of equipment we’re often at the mercy of the manufacturer’s schedule. With Just Fix It you don’t have to wait – we take what you need from our specialized JFI inventory and install it while your repair is being made. This is an ideal plan for people who need uninterrupted surveillance services.


There are several advantages of opting for Just Fix It as your security service plan:

24/7/365 Service: We take security very seriously, so we understand the importance of addressing problems with the security system as quickly as possible. In our Just Fix It service plan, we’ve taken this to another level. We have a dedicated line for our clients and you can call it at any time. No matter what time it is or what day it is, you’ll find a real person at the end of the line ready and willing to get your system fixed within one day. This helps to keep your downtime low and removes any added stress or hassle.

Response Time: Our goal is to maximize uptime. With that in mind, we strive to fix the problem as quickly as possible. After you place a service request, a technician will be assigned immediately. We will assess the problem and fix it on the spot if possible. If not, we will give your problem continual attention and guarantee it will be working again within one business day of the service request.

Minimum downtime is the key element with a Just Fix It security service plan. Loaner equipment fills the gap, and we work hard to make sure you get your equipment back within 24 hours whenever possible. In any case, you’re fully covered.

Our Just Fix It service plan is comprehensive and includes all materials and labor. We also include the annual maintenance checks in this plan. JFI is available for our security camera systems, access control systems, commercial alarms and GPS tracking systems within the Indianapolis metro areas. Ask about our service plan coverage for areas outside of Indianapolis.

Find out exactly what is covered by Just Fix It – and contact us today by filling out a contact form for a quick custom quote.