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Customized Property Management Security Systems

Hoosier Security understands the specific challenges involved with securing commercial buildings. With numerous tenants and visitors coming in and out of commercial buildings, numerous factors must be considered when designing property management security systems equipped to handle your specific concerns.

After providing these type of property management security solutions for years, we have found no two buildings are alike. That’s why our property management security systems are customized to protect your assets and occupants. We analyze the location, previous incidents, and hours of operation, including whether the building is accessible 24/7 to the public or only to private occupants. We check for areas that may be particularly vulnerable to theft, intrusions, or safety hazards.

Different buildings, different needs.

Whether you’re seeking apartment complex security systems, rental property security systems, or other mixed-use building security systems, you’ll find that our process is exhaustive in identifying a comprehensive plan that makes your facility and location more secure.

In addition to a site visit and consultation services, we implement a 3D model using specialized software before installing your equipment, including property management security cameras that can act as deterrents against criminal activity. We also have specialized sensors that can quickly notify public safety officials in the event of fires, flooding, and other potential hazards. These sensors are designed to minimize extensive damage caused by unexpected events.

Comprehensive property management security systems.

When designing your property management security solution, we include the following processes:

  • Risk assessment, determining assets that must be protected and why
  • Analysis of activity, including whether the building is accessible 24/7 or during certain hours
  • Analysis of previous criminal activity at property or location
  • Analysis of environmental risks, including flooding and fire
  • 3D design to determine effectiveness of proposed solution before implementation
  • Installation of security equipment including property management security cameras, alarms, access control, and remote operation of security equipment
  • Recommendation of security protocol, including visitor management

Meeting your security needs.

Designing and installing property management security systems are major components of an effective security plan. At Hoosier Security, we take pride in keeping up with the latest innovations that will make the job of protecting your property more effective. However, we also make it a priority to deliver the best in customer service.

You can trust us implement the best comprehensive property management security system for your property—no matter how specialized your needs may be. Contact us to get started on a consultation today.