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The Design Process

1. Site Visit

Our surveillance system design process typically begins with scheduling a site visit with you. During our visit we’ll listen to your surveillance needs, discuss what level of clarity you would like the cameras to have, and go over a variety of features available to help ensure we suggest the right surveillance solution for you. There is no cookie cutter approach to surveillance and we approach each project with the same goal in mind, to propose a solution that makes the most sense for our customer. It helps us if we can take a quick tour of your facility while we’re there so you can show us exactly what you want the cameras to see. Most site visits last less than an hour and you can usually expect our proposal within a few days after our first meeting.

2. 3D Renderings

Any floor plans you have of your facility will help us with our next step in our process. We will use these files with our design software which will allow us to create 3D renderings of what the cameras will see. This gives you a really good idea of what the camera coverage will be and takes away any of the guesswork. You’ll know exactly what field of view the cameras will have, and how clear they’ll be.

3D Rendering

Actual Result

3. Initial Proposal

We’ll put together an initial proposal, listen to any feedback you may have, and make any adjustments needed. If you approve our proposal, the next step is to schedule another visit at your facility with our installation manager. We’ll do another walkthrough and go over each camera location again and make sure everyone is on the same page.

4. Installation

Your installation will follow shortly after this and as we install the cameras we’ll show you the video as we sight the cameras in and adjust them as necessary. Lastly, we’ll set up your remote view access to your system and provide you with comprehensive training on your new surveillance system. Click here to learn more about the installation process.

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