Building Security

Ensuring construction site safety


Reduce Theft and Meet Insurance Requirements

Safety First

Commercial construction sites are a common target for theft due to the valuable equipment, tools, and materials such as copper wire present. According to industry estimates, construction site theft accounts for billions of dollars in losses each year. Theft incidents can lead to project delays, increased insurance premiums, replacement costs, and higher security expenses. These factors highlight the importance of implementing effective security measures to mitigate theft risks.

Hoosier security is here to help with the security solutions you need to deter theft, vandalism and other safety concerns on commercial construction projects, including:

Hoosier Security offers construction sites and facilities video surveillance, asset management systems, two-way radio systems, and more.

The Hoosier Advantage

Constant monitoring and professional-grade security to meet insurance requirements.

Our security solutions offer a streamlined interface and intuitive controls for swift and efficient review of live or recorded video. Stay proactive in responding to critical events with ease.

Our solutions are open platform, which enables a seamless migration of your current systems without incurring significant additional costs.

Easily set up rule-based actions and notifications to enable swift on-site responses.

Our user-friendly software ensures easy operation and management, regardless of IT expertise.

Contact Hoosier Security to learn more about our security solutions for both new construction and renovation projects.

What Are You Waiting For?

Protect your business or corporate assets with a high quality custom security system form Hoosier Security.