Warranty Information

We offer the best warranty in the industry. All commercial systems from Hoosier Security carry a three-year, 100% warranty on both parts and labor. You won’t find a better warranty anywhere.

We have installed thousands of custom security systems throughout the years, and we understand exactly what works best for our clients. We focus on high quality, not only with our selection of equipment, but with our design and installation process also. We’re confident in our knowledge of equipment, design, and installation, and it’s that confidence that allows us to offer such an outstanding warranty.

Our warranty covers:

  • Cameras
  • Servers
  • Power supplies
  • Recorders
  • Hard drives
  • Latches
  • Sensors
  • Strikes
  • Cables
  • Electronic push bars
  • Motors and controllers
  • Card readers and keypads
  • Scanners
  • Any hardware we install

Annual inspection requirement.

Because we provide such an exceptionally good warranty, we require that maintenance schedules be followed with an annual inspection and maintenance visit. During this visit we also make note of any damages or vandalism caused by external factors, as these issues aren’t covered in the warranty like they would be under a service agreement.

We promise these annual visits aren’t any hassle. We’re usually in and out in about an hour for a routine maintenance visit.

No long-term contracts.

Our warranty is standard with all of our commercial systems. But for those who want more complete and worry-free coverage than our three-year warranty, we do have service agreements that are available for upgrade, guaranteeing priority service and exceptional service response.

No fine print.

With our warranty, you won’t find any surprises in the fine print. Everything’s black and white, so you don’t need to worry about hidden service fees, price increases, or similar nonsense.

The best warranty protection.

Hoosier Security provides security systems tailored to meet your needs and backed by our unmatched three-year warranty. No other security company stands by its services like we do. We provide the best warranty protection.

Have questions on our warranty protection or want to request a quote? Please feel free to contact us today.

Optional Just Fix It service plan.

Interested in more than the standard warranty? With Hoosier Security’s Just Fix It premium service plan, you can rest assured knowing your security cameras and access control systems are operating properly. This comprehensive service plan includes all materials, labor, expedited service and guaranteed fix times on a fixed budget, so you can focus on your business.

Hoosier Security Just Fix It Service Plan