Best Entry Control Systems

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What a State-of-the-Art Entry Access System Can Bring To Your Business

We represent a variety of security equipment manufacturers because we like to match the technology to the need. Sometimes we’re asked why our high-end systems, such as the ones by Avigilon, cost so much more than the other products you sell. Our clients want to know if the benefit is worth the additional investment.

For many of them, the answer is yes, because they need a level of camera clarity and sophisticated analytics that many others don’t offer. Features on a system at this level include:

  • 20+ megapixel cameras, tailored specifically to the task. Avigilon’s cameras have exceptional high-definition clarity, regardless of the range. We offer the smallest, most discreet security access dome cameras, perfect for door entry systems; we have cameras that are designed to focus on movement within large areas, and cameras to surveil everything in between.
  • True loss-less compression. The Avigilon access system offers HD compressed at such high speeds that you never have to worry about jumpy feeds or lost seconds, even when scrolling and searching.
  • Scalability. Avigilon access entry systems are designed with the IT professional in mind. No matter how large your business becomes, and how many access points you create, you can still control the system from one networked computer. It integrates with hardware from Mercury Security and HID Global that scales from a few readers to larger, more distributed installations. This then becomes part of our powerful and easy-to-use Avigilon™ Control Center (ACC) video platform, including wireless locks from Allegion and ASSA ABLOY for a true end-to-end solution.
  • Database migration: Though Avigilon’s systems are unique, it has collaborated with other companies to exchange data between ACM and multiple database types, such as LDAP, SQL Server, Oracle Database, and comma-separated values (CSV). This not only minimizes your investment, but it allows you to more easily manage your access permissions through one system, no matter how much your company grows.
  • A responsive browser-based solution: Avigilon’s ACM system is a 100% browser-based solution that allows full access to the system from any device, anywhere, enabling security personnel to respond to an incident immediately, no matter where they are.
  • Easy installation: As an Avigilon partner, Hoosier Security has received extensive training on the installation of these products. But, Avigilon has also worked to make installation of its products a simple process that only takes minutes. Thanks to Avigilon’s pre-configured server, you’ll never have to suffer through the time-draining task of installing software on multiple workstations.

For more information on the full line of Avigilon products we offer, visit our products page.