GPS Asset Tracking

Hoosier Security offers a mobile asset and GPS fleet tracking solution that utilizes and integrates true GPS tracking with optional live and recorded mobile video surveillance and on-board sensors to automatically alert dispatchers when high-value loads need attention. With on-board panic button and identity verification options, we bring security to fleets.

We have systems for basic fleet tracking up to entirely integrated systems that automate mobile asset loss prevention. And as a respected security contractor, we’re well-versed in the Transport Asset Protection Association (TAPA) asset protection guidelines, and our goal is to preserve supply-chain integrity. Our solution isn’t limited to the vehicles, as we also have covert trackers to track individual shipments and high-value items and service vehicles.

Asset tracking with driver behavior.

Fleet tracking also provides valuable data when you need assistance with issues related to driver behavior, such as insurance claims, traffic violations, trip history, speed, lane changes, and more.

With asset tracking you can track employee locations and time spent on jobs. The system can automatically email you when one of your trucks arrives at a service location and can be integrated with Time and Attendance systems.

Asset tracking for service vehicles.

With our location and dispatching system, you can see all your service vehicles on a single screen; you get real-time location of service vehicles, along with complete trip history, on Google maps (with bird’s eye POD with address, longitude/latitude, time and date stamp, vehicle speed, and vehicle number). Our tracking system can also be used to monitor and alert when vehicle maintenance is needed, and on-board panic buttons.

Asset tracking for tractor trailers.

Our asset tracking system allows two-way communication via SMS with drivers, and can be used to determine the most efficient utilization of equipment and routes. That includes building linear geo-fence routes to avoid toll roads and manage miles.

Benefits of a GPS asset and fleet tracking system

  • Safety: By keeping a complete record of vehicle activities, you’re able to increase safety and driver responsibility.
  • Accountability: alerts that notify you when vehicles are used after hours eliminate private use of company equipment
  • Efficiency: Speed tracking can reduce driver accident rates and increase fuel efficiency.
  • Billing: Our GPS asset tracking system creates a digital log of time, speed, and route for more accurate billing. It also aids in reducing overtime, preventing fraudulent claims, and validating service calls.

Scheduling maintenance with asset tracking.

We make vehicle upkeep easy with alerts for scheduled maintenance based on vehicle mileage, as well as alerts for unscheduled maintenance based on ECM codes, sent via SMS or email, prioritized based on code interpretation regarding the severity of need.

The bottom line is, our asset tracking can save you money. With accurate reporting and real-time Google maps and Street View location views, you can keep a tight rein on the expenditure of your most valuable asset: time.

To get more information and talk to one of our security specialists, contact Hoosier Security today at 317-644-0570 to set up an appointment.