SiteWatch Video Monitoring

Indianapolis Video Monitoring Systems

For insurance or security purposes, it may be necessary to include a video component with your alarm system. With Site Watch, we provide automatic visual verification every time an alarm goes off. This allows alarm system operators to look at your property to confirm an outdoor alarm activation is verified before dispatching police to the scene.

Visual confirmation for alarms.

Site Watch has an outdoor camera system built into the alarm. When the motion sensor activates, video is transferred to the system operator, who can then make a visual assessment of the situation. The operator can usually determine in real-time if the situation is a false alarm and avoid sending authorities to the property unnecessarily.

Video verification.

When a valid trespass is captured by the outdoor monitoring system, your operator can place a video-verified alarm, which gets a quicker police response than a standard alarm call. Because operators can usually see the specific problem, they can ensure first responders are fully informed about the situation. Instead of arriving at a location with no idea of what they’re facing, officials know the details of a situation as soon as they’re dispatched.

Weather-proof design.

The Site Watch outdoor surveillance system is also weatherproof. If you have a large number of assets to monitor, having video monitoring equipment that can be placed without regard to weather is essential. It’s not necessary to set up your equipment in sheltered areas; cameras can be trained on assets throughout a property, with or without shelter from the elements.

Specific uses.

Site Watch is especially useful to keep a watch on expensive assets in outdoor areas, such as copper and metal equipment. Thieves often target this equipment because of the expensive materials used to manufacture it.

An alarm system with video monitoring is also a good choice to use with HVAC systems; due to moving air and temperature changes, false alarms are common in these high-risk applications.

Due to the wireless nature of SiteWatch, the systems can be used effectively in construction areas or other temporary installations where the risk moves day-to-day or where a system is only needed for a short period of time, though the three-year battery life allows for permanent installations as well with little maintenance.

To enhance your alarm system with video monitoring, and to learn more about our Site Watch system, contact us today for more information.