B-Link Indy

Connect your business cameras with Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department to enhance security

What is B-Link Indy?

The B-link Indy program links security cameras with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) to enhance public safety. As the most prolific B-Link Indy Integrator, Hoosier Security connects business cameras with IMPD’s incident Analysis Center for live stream video access to:

  • Provide instant evidence
  • Speed IMPD response
  • Rapidly speed-up investigations
  • Enhance community safety
  • Deter criminals

The program is powered by the Indy Public Safety Foundation and IMPD.

Proven Success

B-link Indy cameras have been instrumental in solving homicides, vehicle theft, and many other crimes. 

Why Choose Hoosier Security? 

Customers appreciate the long-standing partnership between Hoosier Security and IMPD. As the most successful B-link Indy integrator, Hoosier has installed the vast majority of the live cameras in the program.

Business Benefits

Businesses that participate in the B-link Indy Pro program through Hoosier Security have:

  • Security cameras that are connected with the IMPD Incident Analysis Center. 
  • Access to commercial-grade surveillance systems that can integrate with your current security system.
  • Professionally-installed, streamlined cameras that blend into their environment and building façade.
  • Hoosier Security provides added flexibility by utilizing non-proprietary equipment, eliminating the need for multi-year service agreements.

What’s Involved?

  • Camera compatibility: To participate in B-link Pro, cameras must be compatible with the IMDP program. Hoosier will check your current cameras and install new models if required. Installation fees apply if new cameras are installed.
  • Cloud connection: Hoosier will establish a cloud-based connection for each camera and provide priority service maintenance for B-link Indy Pro cameras. A small monthly hosting fee is charged for each camera.
  • One-year contract: B-Link Pro customers sign a hosting agreement for a minimum of one year with Hoosier Security.
  • Limited Access: B-Link Indy is NOT a monitoring service. Cameras will not be monitored by IMPD. Instead, the footage is used in the event that a crime or incident occurs in proximity to your location. The police cannot access your cameras without your express consent and will always ask permission. You will have access to your cameras any time you wish.