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Ensuring the security of gated communities and apartment properties has become an important issue. From unauthorized access to burglary, vandalism, and resident safety, the complexities of protecting multi-family properties require specialized expertise.

At Hoosier Security, we understand the unique security challenges faced by developers and property managers. Our mission? To transform your development into an oasis of tranquility with cutting-edge solutions and innovative technologies. From smart access control to advanced surveillance systems, we’re here to safeguard your residents’ peace of mind while creating a secure haven they can proudly call home.

Beyond Locks and Keys

Hoosier Security redefines multi-family protection

The Hoosier Advantage

Facial recognition and apps allow for a seamless building entry and property access solution.

Video monitoring and automated alerts improves security in stairwells, bike storage spaces and other hidden spaces.

We can expedite law enforcement arrival by linking license plate registration systems with law enforcement systems.

A fully integrated security system with a powerful property management dashboard makes it easier to manage security and property access into and throughout your property.

Virtual concierge and keyless access reduces staff time managing packages, lost keys and amenity access.

Enhanced smart-building features add value and increase rent prices.

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