Healthcare Security Systems

Hoosier Security knows that healthcare security systems require careful planning and installation to ensure compliance with federal privacy laws. Providers must be able to show documentation of healthcare security measures that includes access control, surveillance cameras, and intrusion detection along with proof that these systems are regularly maintained.

If you need a new or updated security system, our healthcare security consultants will work with you to develop a solution that’s compliant with privacy laws and meets your unique needs. We provide service and technical support, but you’ll have the only record of your administrative access code, so you’ll never have to worry about our technicians remotely logging in to your security system.

The benefits of healthcare security cameras.

Healthcare security cameras serve several important functions, and can help:

Protect patient data: Cameras can monitor areas where patient data is stored to ensure only authorized personnel have access to virtual and physical files. Hoosier Security understands how to angle such cameras to avoid recording any patient information.

Document employee behavior: Cameras can record movement in public hallways, so administrators can see when employees enter and exit patient rooms. Healthcare security cameras also help prevent theft and misappropriation of medications.

Improve surgical procedures: Some hospitals record surgeries, to review and improve upon procedures.

Protect occupants: Security cameras help protect patients and staff from unauthorized visitors, and camera footage can be used to identify visitors who harmed anyone in a healthcare facility.

Multi-faceted healthcare security systems.

In healthcare settings–especially in hospitals–security systems must include several points of access to keep patients and staff safe, and to avoid claims of liability or negligence.

Hoosier Security technicians are skilled at installing all types of access control technologies, including smart keys that healthcare administrators can track remotely, key fobs, electronic latches, and biometric scanners that grant access based on fingerprint, handprint, or iris-scan. Motion sensors and door alarms also protect restricted areas from unauthorized access.

Customized healthcare security services.

A small clinic will have different security needs than a large, long-term care or acute care facility, so we offer a range of fully customizable healthcare security solutions.

When we develop a plan for your security system, we use 3D modeling software to show you what areas you’ll be able to view from your security cameras, and we won’t proceed with installation until you sign-off on our proposal.

Our technicians will work efficiently to install your new system with minimal disruptions and downtime. We’ll teach you how to operate your security system, and we offer a three-year warranty on parts and labor for all of our healthcare customers.

Call us today to request your healthcare security consultation.