AI Video Analytics

Software Brings Security to New Level

Here at Hoosier Security, we’ve built a reputation for deploying the latest and most advanced technology in security systems. We’re dedicated to providing solutions that help prevent costly safety and security incidents that affect your bottom line.

We recently introduced you to Avigilon, our newest partner in high-definition security equipment. Avigilon’s platform includes Avigilon Analytics, the security analysis software that’s shaking up the entire industry—and taking your security system to new levels.

Analytics learn fast.

Avigilon Analytics is a sophisticated, streamlined analytics platform that employs user feedback to recognize and adapt to motions and incidents relevant to your business while isolating actions irrelevant to the scene. As users identify relevant information, Avigilon Analytics learns the patterns of potential incidents or threats. The more feedback users provide, the better the system learns what matters to you, reducing false positives and saving your users valuable time.

Safety notifications.

Prevention is better than a cure, right? This is especially true when safety is on the line. As the system learns from user feedback, users will receive alerts when people or vehicles are entering safety-restricted areas or engaging in other high-risk behaviors. Users may even receive alerts on mobile platforms so your business is never unguarded while you or your users are away from their desks.

Capture the action.

Sometimes you don’t need to capture hours and hours of security video. Avigilon’s industry-leading motion-activated surveillance cameras activate when you need them most. As soon as motion is detected, Avigilon software begins to analyze movements and trigger alerts if needed. By recording only relevant movements, Avigilon reduces the amount of storage needed, saving your business money.

Appearance search. 

Picture it: you’re alerted to suspicious behavior on your Avigilon security platform—perhaps a suspected shoplifter. Avigilon’s Appearance Search scours hours of archived footage to track the subject’s movements and last known location so you can get the information you need to take action. Appearance Search is invaluable in building criminal cases, providing critical information to forensic investigations, and keeping your costs low by identifying repeat offenders.

Avigilon Analytics offers the most current, advanced technology in the surveillance and security industry. We at Hoosier Security are excited to bring this cost-saving solution to our customers.

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