Commercial Two-Way Radios

WAVE radios by Motorola keep businesses connected, informed and safe

There is no question that streamlined communications enhance security. The reason? Real-time coordination among security personnel significantly improves response times during emergencies.

Today, businesses can leverage the power of digital technology and the Internet with WAVE radios that connect individuals and teams, no matter their location. This technology is proven, even across great distances in adverse conditions. WAVE radios have integrated into the Motorola Solutions safety ecosystem to automate security and emergency response.

Hoosier Security is a trusted provider that can integrate WAVE radios to improve the speed, efficiency and effectiveness of your security operations.

Advantages of WAVE Push-to-Talk Two-Way Radios in Field Operations

  1. Reliable, clear, and secure communications over long distances
  2. Overcome coverage issues, even in adverse environments
  3. Flexibility to communicate across different devices – including smartphones, desktops, and radios
  4. Cost effective solution for businesses of all sizes
  5. Advanced encryption options for private and secure communication
  6. Private and group push-to-talk communication
  7. WAVE PTX dispatch powers centralized distribution of photos, videos and files to your entire team, anytime, anywhere
  8. WAVE PTX mobile app transforms a smartphone into push-to-talk powerhouse
  9. Powerful and slim design
  10. Integrated location tracking
  11. Compatible with Avigilon Orchestrate

Why Choose Hoosier Security?

Hoosier Security is your premier partner for advanced solutions, leveraging cutting-edge technologies within the Motorola security ecosystem. Renowned for our innovative approach, we integrate Motorola Solutions seamlessly into our offerings, empowering clients with unparalleled security systems. Join other Hoosier clients who are already benefiting from our expertise, harnessing the power of WAVE Radio technology alongside Motorola solutions to transform their security operations.