IP Cameras


Indianapolis IP Cameras

Hoosier Security offers custom IP camera system solutions.

IP camera systems differ from traditional IP systems in that the video is transmitted over a network to a network video recorder. This allows much higher camera resolutions and greater installation flexibility.

Additionally, all cameras are run over their own independent network, completely separate from your business network. The only connection to your network occurs when you interact with the system. The technology we use to build our IP camera systems makes our systems far more secure and reliable than those of our competitors.

IP camera system design process.

While Hoosier Security can and does work with analog cameras and security devices, all of our technicians have been trained to be intimately knowledgeable with state-of-the-art solutions. We specialize in designing 100% digital super-high-resolution surveillance systems using wireless IP cameras.

We also use 3D software to virtually render custom IP systems–one of the many reasons we stand apart from the competition. We virtually build out your entire property and show exactly how your customized IP camera system will be able to mitigate your specific risks.

Our 3D design software allows us to provide mathematically accurate renderings of the final product, enabling us to figure out what the impact will be on your network and bandwidth. We’ll determine your data and area needs upfront, as well as how much power will be needed for each individual IP security camera. This way, you’ll know the IP camera system you’re buying is the exact one we’re proposing.

The best warranty protection around.

We provide a three-year warranty for both parts and labor on all commercial security systems and a one-year warranty for parts and labor on all residential security systems, the best warranty protection in the industry.

For more information on our IP cameras or to request a quote, please contact us today.