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Commercial Alarm Systems: Equipped to Protect

When you’re managing the day-to-day operations of your company, the last thing you want to worry about is whether your main assets—employees, equipment, and building—are secure. That’s why it’s important to equip it with business alarm systems and adopt other security measures that will keep them protected, 24/7.

We understand what it takes to install business alarm systems and implement security measures for companies of all sizes and in various industries. When developing a comprehensive commercial security alarm system that fits your specific needs, you can be assured that it was designed to properly secure your facility against intrusions, fire, burglary, and other potential hazards.

We keep every consideration in mind when developing an effective security plan that integrates commercial alarm systems along with current safety procedures.

Expert customer service and installation.

During the consultation process, our team will analyze your physical facility, location, and top concerns. We pride ourselves on taking into consideration all aspects of your business, and what it takes to protect it.

We’ll talk to you about options in video surveillance, commercial security alarm systems that alert you to environmental risks, such as fire and carbon monoxide, as well as burglary and other illegal acts. You can be assured that we will keep your security and budget in mind throughout the entire process.

Hoosier Security also offers an extra measure of protection—we incorporate innovative 3D planning during our design process to ensure that everything works the way it should before we launch your commercial burglar alarm systems. This software allows us to build out your entire security plan without putting in a lot of guesswork. We gain the insights we need to avoid any inconsistencies in the integration of your business alarm system.

Our business security solutions will:

  • Allow you to monitor your building against intrusions from a remote location in real-time
  • Deter intruders from invading your property through visible surveillance cameras
  • Alert you of fire, carbon monoxide, flooding, or other environmental hazards
  • Provide clear footage of goings-on at your property through quality video surveillance
  • Allow you to access control systems remotely
  • Enable your team to watch multiple cameras at the same time
  • Receive instant notifications of incidents via a video clip
  • Provide you with a customized commercial security alarm system specific to your business
  • Send immediate notifications to the fire department in case a fire breaks out

The Hoosier Security Difference

You can count on Hoosier Security to design and implement commercial alarm systems that are customized to your company’s specific needs, keeping your risks for liability and loss to a minimum. Our innovative security solutions—from planning to execution—are comprehensive, including 3D business security system design, digital camera systems, video monitoring, electronic access control systems, and more.

Contact us today for a business security system that fits your needs and your budget.