School Security Systems


Safeguard Students, Teachers With Advanced School Security Systems

It’s critically important to keep students and teachers safe in your school building.  Our school security systems are designed to fit the specific needs of educational institutions, including elementary schools, high schools, and colleges. We also make it a priority to design and install school security systems that are customized for your property.

When seeking quality security systems for schools, you can trust us to understand the unique challenges you face in maintaining a safe campus. Our process includes consultation services, a site visit, 3D design, and installation of advanced safety and surveillance equipment that deters criminal activity and minimizes risks for fires, flooding, and other damage.

Comprehensive security solutions.

Our team has the expertise to identify areas around your school building that may be vulnerable to break-ins and vandalism. In addition to a site analysis, we take the time to do a thorough consultation to understand your administration’s top concerns. From start to completion, we design school security systems that keep your specific needs and concerns a top priority.

We also understand the risks that can come with fires, flooding, and other natural disasters. Our systems are designed to alert fire officials and other safety personnel of those risks as soon as they arise, 24/7—minimizing the potential for extensive damage and, of course, injuries to your staff and students.

With our recommended safety/security equipment and processes, your staff will be able to monitor visitors to the building via school security cameras, including as they approach the front door and as they move throughout the building, parking lot, and campus. Our equipment includes advanced school security cameras that are capable of providing clear footage to easily identify culprits.

The Hoosier Security advantage.

Before installing school security systems for our clients, we ensure that the solution is an ideal fit—customized to each school’s specific needs. That’s why we design security solutions using 3D technology. It allows us to gain the insights we need to develop security systems for schools that take into account all aspects of your school building and campus, ensuring beforehand that the equipment and procedures will operate efficiently and effectively before installation.

We also make sure that your staff can easily use the system. We offer remote monitoring as part of our school security cameras and other surveillance equipment. You and your administrative staff can check on the school from your laptop, smartphone, or tablet—even if you’re miles away.

We stand behind our work, and offer a three-year warranty that covers parts and labor. Contact us today to find out how we can help keep your students and teachers more secure.