Intuitive design is critical to success in the implementation of a security system. So all Hoosier Security system builds begin in our design studio.

This innovative concept space is in the front of the house—a transparent work area where you can participate in the creation of your custom CCTV security system with our 3D designers.


We design all aspects of your security system implementation:

  • Camera placement
  • Bandwidth calculations
  • Storage
  • Infrastructure
  • Cyber security (we work with your IT department to make sure we don’t poke holes in your security plan)

Virtual site renderings help get to the base issues of your security system needs.


The studio is tied into our build room network so we can not only use cameras on the property for troubleshooting, but also the three different camera systems in our build room to showcase the different application of those different cameras.

For example, a warehouse may have difficulty looking at overhead doors and seeing what’s inside a semitrailer—and also seeing outside the door if there’s no semi in the dock. That’s one camera being asked to do two very different jobs. We can show a couple of cameras with different attributes looking at the same situation and demonstrate that to you.

We can show you exactly what you’re getting.


The most common place systems fail is in proper selection a recorder. To address this, we ask a lot of questions—and we get to know exactly how your system is going to be used.

Different applications might include:

  • Customer service and quality control
  • Employee safety around heavy machinery
  • Replacing/reducing security guard expense

These very different applications require different equipment.

In our design studio we can literally compare different recorders and how they are used. And you can actually use the system—not a demo—but a real, functional system to inform your decision.

Understanding what you need – no more, no less

Your security system needs to be practical for real application scenarios.

  • Something disappears in the break room
  • there’s a dispute in the parking lot or lobby
  • there’s a fight on the floor
  • you’re investigating a fraud case for workers compensation
  • CCTV surveillance reduction/replacement for security personnel

If you need to find out exactly what happened, you can trace what a person does throughout the day. But if that’s not a concern, you don’t need to spend the money on a system that has that capability.

Your participation is part of the design.

We don’t presume to decide what’s important for your business—there’s always an ideal system for an ideal budget—but that said, we understand budget constraints mean there are compromises that need to be addressed as we come to the ideal solution.

We like to let the customer decide what their compromise is. We educate. We make strong suggestions. We consider budgets, what parts are being used, and whether we’re actually solving the problem.

                                                                        -Armando Perez, owner

With a Hoosier Security designed system, you see exactly what you save by going in different directions. You, the customer, get to take part in the process and make decisions in real-time.

The best equipment for your situation.

A lot of consultants are going to use the same three or four brands of equipment because of profit margins or a business tie to the manufacturer.

Not so with us.

We always offer carefully researched options, and can explain the pluses and minuses of each decision. We are independent of formal ties—because we want to choose the right piece of equipment for the right application.

The right design for the right solution.

If you’re in the market for a new CCTV security system, you’re trying to solve a problem. Our design room lets us dig deeper so we can find, understand, and deliver a solution to address your specific security issues.

Contact us today for more information about designing a new security system for your business—or stop by and see our design studio for yourself.