Manufacturing Security Systems

Security Systems for Manufacturing Facilities in Indianapolis

The manufacturing industry includes a broad range of companies, and specific manufacturing security requirements vary from company to company. Hoosier Security is experienced with this and we know how to address security and surveillance needs in a wide variety of manufacturing environments.

We design and install industrial security systems that help you minimize losses and meet regulatory requirements. We provide the customized manufacturing security solutions that ensure all your facilities are safe and secure, allowing you to maintain planned production schedules and sustain profitability.

Design of manufacturing security systems.

We provide a comprehensive assessment of your particular manufacturing security issues, loss prevention, damage, and liability. Our surveillance system also provides a reliable training tool as well as opportunities to review accidents or mishaps.

Manufacturing surveillance and security system are necessary for:

  • General safety and security
  • Alarms for unauthorized entry
  • Equipment surveillance
  • Asset tracking
  • Incident tracking (e.g. verifying fault)
  • Time and property theft by employees
  • Employee accountability for time and productivity
  • Use of factory security systems to reduce the risk of fraudulent or unauthorized access to corporate data
Our custom-designed systems will also address these manufacturing security issues:
  • Establishing safety and security guidelines and ensuring they’re followed
  • Maintaining the security of protected areas
  • Meeting regulatory requirements (this includes an investigation of OSHA compliance)
  • Helping validate information for audits
  • Verifying workers’ compensation claims
  • Ensuring equipment is functioning properly
With our 3D rendering software, we are able to show you an exact plan–you’re not guessing what you’ll capture. None of our competition does this. By showing you exactly what the camera will see, you can virtually “try before you buy” your surveillance security system.

Three-year warranty protection.

At Hoosier Security, we offer a three-year warranty on both parts and labor for all commercial security systems. You won’t find a better warranty anywhere.

For more information on our manufacturing security systems or to request a quote, please contact us today.