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5 Ways to Improve Office Safety

Lock your computer, cabinets, and desk

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Any time you leave your office or work area, lock your computer.  For Windows press the Windows key + L (The Windows key is between CTRL and ALT on the left side of the keyboard).  For MAC press Control + Shift + Eject (If no Eject key it’s Control + Shift + Power).  Make sure your computer is set to require a password to access it from the lock screen. Lock your desk and cabinets.  This is especially important if you work in an area with confidential documents or with unescorted visitors (including cleaning staff).

Issue Badges to Employees and Visitors

Badges, with photos, quickly identify everyone in the building. Badges can also be used as a credential for an access control system.

For large buildings or buildings with varying levels of security in each area, color coding the badge will allow occupants to quickly identify if someone should be in the area.

Install an Access Control System

office security access control system

The unit pictured above has a card reader, fingerprint reader, and keypad. It can be set to use only one or any combination of those three to restrict access. A standard card reader is also perfectly acceptable for most applications.

Access control systems restrict access by date, time, and person. Instead of having to re-key a door lock when someone leaves, their card is simply turned off. Time tracking can also be done through this system.

Install a Camera System

office safety camera system

Cameras are an excellent deterrent and an easy way to collect information if an event happens.  The one pictured above views 360° degrees for full coverage in a room.

Make sure your camera system can hold at least 30 days of video.  Incidents sometimes go unreported for weeks.  All current systems have high-resolution cameras and the ability to view them remotely on any computer or smart device.

Get an Alarm System

office safety alarm system

An alarm system can monitor your points of entry, any areas with high security, as well as smoke alarms and environmental sensors.
The unit above is touch screen. It monitors the doors, windows, smoke/heat detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, freeze detectors, flood sensors, and it controls the lights and thermostat. A free mobile app allows remote control through any smart device.

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