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As the founder of Hoosier Security, I’m adamant that we remain an independent security company. This approach has lots of advantages: It allows us to provide the right solutions, regardless of who makes them, for our clients. And it lets us integrate systems from different manufacturers without bias toward another company’s competing product.

That’s critical to us, because our first and biggest commitment is to our clients. Of course, we do have preferences about which manufacturers we work with—and there are some security products we refuse to sell based on our experiences working with them. But we aren’t tied to any exclusivity agreements or price points because of a deal with a manufacturer.

Despite our independent status, we have strong relationships with many of the security industry’s top companies. Below is a list of manufacturers who make products that live up to our high standards, and more important, help provide our clients with the innovative solutions they need.

Avigilon – Avigilon is arguably the industry’s most advanced digital video systems manufacturer. They’re leading the way with innovation in the areas of video compression, analytics, and software functionality, and they have a controlled sales channel that not every security company can be part of. That’s because, despite their equipment being simple to use, it requires special skills and advanced knowledge of their systems to set up properly—especially when using features like appearance search and other hardware-intensive analytics. We’re proud to be an Avigilon Partner, and we continue to be impressed with their commitment to quality.

Brivo – By simplifying hardware and moving most functions to software, Brivo is revolutionizing the security industry’s approach to access control. Their solutions help eliminate expensive servers and labor costs while increasing system flexibility—and they are constantly adding new, automatically available features to improve their products. This makes their products uniquely prepared to handle whatever changes the future brings, and gives our clients peace of mind knowing their access control systems are always up to date. We are happy that Brivo and their sister company, Eagle Eye Networks, have selected Hoosier Security as a partner.

Bosch – When it comes to technology manufacturers, Bosch has no rival. They have an impeccable track record of performance, and their security hardware is designed and manufactured with unparalleled detail and precision. Pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with security hardware is something they do every day—and we’re proud to be among a select few companies authorized as a Bosch partner for all commercial security services.

These three manufacturers select their partners carefully. Their installation and configuration standards are extremely high, and the training requirements necessary to sell these products are stringent. To work with them, you need a proven track record of execution, growth, and great client relationships.

At Hoosier Security, that’s exactly the kind of company we’ve built. We’ll do whatever it takes to be the most innovative, reliable, and knowledgeable security partner you’ll find anywhere. And we prove that to our clients—and our vendor partners—every single day. If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help secure your business, contact us today.





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