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Video Monitoring contributes to more efficient security

Video monitoring is an often overlooked and undervalued security service. Corporations are trending towards more automation to reach greater efficiencies. The use of remote video  monitoring services is a great option to leverage this trend to achieve proactive automated security measures and lower operating expenses.

Video surveillance systems should be a custom solution specific to each individual facility. Every site that we visit has a different layout and a unique surrounding environment as well as individual concerns they need to alleviate. The design of surveillance systems are crucial to their effectiveness in achieving the desired results.  This same attention to individual needs is crucial and is the difference between a successful video monitoring installation that achieves its  goals and one that merely provides frustration. Knowing the capabilities of a system and monitoring package can help in choosing the right one for your application. If the following objectives are familiar to you, I invite you to reach out to Hoosier Security to see how we can help you achieve those goals for your organization.

  • Reducing guard costs. Organizations often spend tens of thousands of dollars every month on security guard services. Let’s look at a theoretical (and often exaggerated) example of an advanced analytics equipped surveillance camera system with an install price of $50,000. Paired with a perimeter motion detection system of $50,000 for the purpose of replacing or augmenting guard services. I will assign a $2,000 monthly fee for Video Monitoring of both systems. The ROI would pay for the new systems within 12 months, and reduced operating expense would save $96,000/year on an ongoing basis. My cost estimates are steep on this theoretical security solution. An even quicker return on investment will be achieved on smaller systems while maintaining a secure premises using video monitoring.
  • Reducing Police Dispatch Time stop active trespassing incidents. Video Verified alarms typically trigger a quicker police dispatch than a standard alarm call.Often reducing 30 minute dispatches down to 6 minutes, from sirens to cuffs as we like to say. Law Enforcement agencies across the United States have adopted Priority Response as a policy that prioritizes video verified alarms. Video verified alarms are seen as crimes in progress, and police response times are quicker and more informed of the facts on the ground leading to more apprehensions and fewer repeat incidents. These types of video monitoring systems are especially effective at protecting outdoor assets.
  • Proactive protection of outdoor assets and the perimeter of your property. Video Monitoring can alert your organization, or the authorities, when someone crosses your property line. A lot of businesses store valuable assets outdoors in a fenced area. Video Monitoring or Video Verified alarms can be triggered when the fenced perimeter is breached. The benefit of having a live person remotely monitoring the video feed is that they can tell the difference between a person and any other nuisance alarm. Verifying that a crime is in progress helps to reduce false alarms and unnecessary police dispatch.
  • Specialized needs that require specialized security. Video Monitoring can be tooled to each specific facility’s needs. Protocols can be established (for example) to monitor only the cameras on the westside of your property. Or a perimeter alarm that triggers exterior Video Monitoring for documenting expected events. Two way audio can be incorporated so our central station can respond directly to intruders and inform them of impending action.

The bottom line is that video monitoring can be used to provide exceptional security levels. Reducing response times, increasing awareness and significantly reducing operating expenses while also automating a critical function of any business.

Hoosier Security has significant experience in custom video surveillance systems, designing, installing and maintaining systems across the United States. Video Monitoring is one of our specialties. We are adept at leveraging technology to solve complicated loss problems while providing exceptional service levels. Give us a call today at 317-644-0570 to discuss how we can assist in deploying a video monitoring solution to your businesses security concerns.

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