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On Buying A Professional Surveillance System

Here are some tips to ensure you get exactly what you expect to when installing a new or upgrading an existing surveillance system. Remember, not all systems are created equal, and not all integrators are focused on your best interest. Watch the video to learn more. Below is a roundup of our 5 tips for a succesful camera system deployment.


5 Tips for Buying a Professional Surveillance System
  1. GET A DEMO! – You wouldn’t buy a car without a test drive right? Make sure you don’t buy a security camera system without a real hands-on demo of a live system. The frustration of spending hours searching for video on the wrong system, coupled with the hours needed to find that video on an inferior system will quickly outweigh the initial cost savings.
  2. GET A FULL DESIGN – You shouldn’t accept the salesman’s word that the video quality will be what you expect. Get a full design with sample images of the same resolution and distances. If possible have the integrator show you the actual coverage areas aligned with quality ratings for different distances in a 3D rendering. Surveillance is a science, don’t let someone fool you into thinking its not. This can be the difference between knowing what happened and simply wasting your budget.
  3.  KNOW YOUR NEEDS – Know the problems you are trying to solve, and make sure you share them with the system designer. They can’t solve your problem if they don’t know what it is!
  4. CONSIDER CYBER SECURITY – This should be self explanatory, but too many people don’t consider how a camera system will affect the rest of their network. Are the cameras on a segregated network? Are they from reputable manufacturers? Do they have a history of cyber vulnerabilities? Can the system work without forwarding ports and poking holes in your firewall?
  5. GET AN ITEMIZED PROPOSAL – Know what you are agreeing to buy. Don’t let your integrator get away without specifying what they are giving you. Far too many people make this purchase without knowing what they are buying, and while you may not be the expert, you should expect the expert you choose to be able to justify their choices.


Hopefully this has helped you in your task of selecting a camera system and a provider to install it. As always, feel free to reach out to us at Hoosier Security and we would be happy to help, advise and implement a security plan for your facility. Hoosier Security specializes in integrated security systems including Digital Surveillance, Burglar and Environmental Alarms, Access Control and Active Shooter Response Systems.

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