How Secure Are Standard Key Fobs and Access Cards?

A recent survey conducted by the security company Brivo found that 60% of respondents with electronic access control systems are still using standard key fobs and access cards. Unfortunately, standard access cards and key fobs are easy to duplicate. For $10-$30 dollars you can buy a card duplicator on eBay that will copy most standard 125khz [...]

Respect the Building: Securing Historic Properties

Since Hoosier Security is based in Downtown Indianapolis, we often get the opportunity to secure historic buildings. These include structures with limestone facades and other challenging aesthetic features. We’re well-suited for these situations because we look at every project with a fresh perspective, and we always respect a building’s unique attributes. We do careful walkthroughs [...]

5 Things to Know Before Buying a Commercial Security System

The market is full of choices for security systems for your company, at every tech and price point. Choosing security cameras, access point security permissions, alarm systems and surveillance can cost your company a bundle, and have a profound impact on the way the IT network is configured for your company now, and in the [...]

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Need Access Control Solutions?

Think beyond door control Controlling the primary entrances and exits at your business is always a critical starting point in physical security and access control. It begins with the proper locking devices on the door itself and migrates to the latest technology for added security. Access control technologies are a mainstay of professionally installed systems [...]

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