CCTV Surveillance Systems


Indianapolis Closed-Circuit TV Surveillance Systems

Closed-circuit TV security systems use a series of strategically placed cameras for maximum surveillance. A proper system involves a lot more than having a single camera set on your backdoor. When installed properly, our custom CCTV system allows you to keep an eye on every important part of your worksite.

Benefits of a properly designed surveillance system.

Whether you need an outdoor video surveillance system or something to use inside, CCTV is highly effective for manufacturing companies and commercial settings alike.

These systems work to make your job easier. Proper surveillance will help:

  • Prevent criminal activity
  • Document your day-to-day operations
  • Monitor expensive equipment
  • Give you 24/7 video access to your facility

Getting to the root need.

Typically, our clients are looking for a contractor to help with security in general. You know you want a digital surveillance camera system, but may not know where to start.

As we get to the root of the problem, CCTV systems usually work to provide a long-term solution for multiple issues. These include:

  • Discouraging criminal activity
  • Providing documentation for insurance claims and limit liability
  • Recording accidents or incidents involving employees or visitors
  • Monitoring unauthorized access
  • Sharing real-time images and recordings with other company departments
  • Checking on your facility remotely from a desktop or smartphone
  • Maintaining a surveillance log over a 30-day period, or even longer

If you have proprietary machinery or want to increase employee satisfaction, you can greatly benefit from a wireless surveillance camera system. From monitoring the break room to keeping an eye on the parking lot, security videos help ensure you’ve got the right people on-site, and the right handle on your equipment.

Why Hoosier Security?

A major component of our design process is having an in-depth consultation. We come on-site to your operation to make sure we have exactly what you need for your project—whether you’re concerned about internal operations and insurance claims, or need clear, reliable video access to your work floor or break room.

A custom-designed, wireless surveillance camera system can help give you peace of mind, 24/7.

Here’s how it works:

  1. We represent you, not a manufacturer. We’re not limited to using one type of technology, so we always do what’s best for your business—not a brand partner.
  1. We offer customized security solutions. As expert problem solvers and troubleshooters, we design surveillance systems that cover all your bases.
  1. We take the time to consult with you. On-site visits allow us to walk the floor with you and get an up-close look at how you run your facility. From there, we’re better equipped to find the right technology to enhance your operation.
  1. We respect your privacy. Many of our clients are responsible for managing proprietary equipment. As a security company ourselves, we’re always ready to comply with NDAs.
  1. We specialize in CCTV and use 3D software. We virtually build out your personal surveillance plan in our design studio in Indianapolis with exact screenshots so you can see exactly what’s involved and essentially “try before your buy.”
  1. We provide accurate, detailed quotes. Because we map out all the specifics for your site, you can trust that you’re getting a locked-in project price for your decision-making process.
  1. We take pride in our work, just like you do. Our goal is to execute your system flawlessly. During the design process and even after installation—we’re here to serve as your security and surveillance partners.

Superior system design.

We cater our process to meet high-end security needs. Every digital surveillance camera system setup we offer is custom-designed.

Perhaps more important, we also take network security seriously. We choose equipment and install systems in a way that optimizes your cyber security–while minimizing the impact on your network.

Design studio.

As your security contractor, we work alongside your organization’s current practices to help improve liability and loss management.

Each camera location needs to be treated individually because lighting conditions and obstructions can vary significantly—even in the same room.

We bring you in on this process during the design phase. In our design studio, we show you early in the process exactly what the proposed system will accomplish–as well as letting you prioritize deliverables when budgets require compromises.

Build room.

When your surveillance is custom-fit to your facility, you can trust that you have the best setup and viewing angles possible.  And we can say this confidently because your system comes together in our build room where it is tested in exactly the way it will be used—before it’s installed at your facility.

Listening – and Leveraging.

At Hoosier Security, our goal is to help you leverage technology so you can better protect your people, assets, and property.

We understand you’re responsible for a streamlined and safe work environment, and surveillance concerns can cause major stress. A customized, turn-key CCTV system from Hoosier Security can take care of that stress point for you.

Companies all over the greater Indianapolis area hire our crew. When you come to us with a specific need in mind, it’s our job to make sure we understand your true need—we dig deep and problem-solve.

We’ve got your back.

We’re here to handle the surveillance issues that have been hanging over your head so you can focus on your primary duties. We can give you the tools you need—a solid CCTV system that will have your back 24/7.

Ready to learn more?

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