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A Hole-in-One Event: Recapping Play Hooky with Hoosier!

The most recent Play Hooky with Hoosier shindig wasn’t just another day at the office – far from it! Picture this: nestled within the lush greens of The Haven at Hickory Stick, this bash turned the whole idea of a “corporate event” on its head. With a perfect blend of technology, leisure, and unexpected surprises, it was an afternoon that proved security can be fun!

Teeing Off with Tech

On March 28th, attendees were treated to an exclusive sneak peek at the future of security technology. Imagine standing on the lush fairways, drink in hand, as you discover the marvels of video and audio analytics, AI, machine learning, and the convenience of OpenPath mobile credentials. All powered by Avigilon solutions from Motorola, this showcase was a vivid reminder that the future of securing businesses is here—and it’s incredibly exciting.

The Star on Wheels: Trailer Swift

But what’s cutting-edge technology without a little showmanship? Enter Trailer Swift, our superstar surveillance trailer. This high-tech marvel stole the show, proving that security is not just about being vigilant—it’s about being versatile and efficient too. Attendees had the chance to witness Trailer Swift in action, and let’s just say, it’s more than capable of keeping an eye out for more than just the odd golf ball.

Birdie Burglary and Beyond

The fun didn’t stop there. Participants were invited to test their stealth skills with the Birdie Burglary challenge—attempting to snag a golf club without triggering alarms. This interactive showcase was not just entertaining but also a brilliant demonstration of how effective and intuitive Hoosier Security’s solutions can be.

Wrapping Up

As the day wound down, it was clear that Play Hooky with Hoosier was much more than an event; it was an experience—a testament to the fact that learning about security doesn’t have to be dull. It can be engaging, fun, and filled with surprises.

To everyone who joined us, your enthusiasm and spirit made the day unforgettable. And to those who missed out, don’t worry, there’s always next time. Keep your eyes peeled for our next adventure because, at Hoosier Security, we’re just getting started.

Remember, whether it’s securing your business or hitting the perfect birdie, with Hoosier Security, you’re always in good hands. Until next time, keep swinging and stay secure!

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