Mobile Security Trailers

Safeguard Your Assets with Confidence!

Hoosier Security can swiftly deploy surveillance trailers for your business. Reduce the likelihood of
theft or other illegal activities on construction job sites, in parking lots, at public events, or in any
location that requires security and monitoring. All trailer leases come with these standard items:

  • Deployment and Retrieval
  • Remote Live Viewing
  • Advanced Solar Power
  • Red/Blue Strobe Light & Sound
  • Advanced Video Analytics
  • 24/7 Recording
  • Custom camera configuration for each application
  • Cellular Network
  • Mobile App Viewing
Trailer Swift mobile security trailer

Concerned About Actively Managing a Security Trailer?

Hoosier Security can take care of it for you. Add the following features to your lease for enhanced monitoring and ease of use:

  • Management of System
  • Video Hosting
  • Sitewatch Video
  • Monitoring
  • Police Dispatch
  • Advanced AI-Driven Video
  • Analytics by Motorola
  • Talk Down Speaker
  • Just Fix It Service Plan
  • B-Link Indy Integration
  • License Plate
  • Recognition
  • Backup Generator and Fueling