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Locking Down Your Building to Protect Against External Threats

We offer multiple solutions that allow you to remotely lock down your building when a threat arises. Listen to the full podcast episode or read the transcript provided below.

Welcome to the Fidelity Building Protection podcast on all things related to physical building security with Benjamin Johnson, Ben Harris, 14 years of experience in the security industry and has been the owner of Delta Building Protection, based in Indianapolis, Indiana, since 2014. All statements made on this podcast are explicitly the opinions of Ben based on his experience and perception of current events. No statement should be construed as legal advice. Additionally, because codes vary by state and municipality use, consult a legal expert in your area before applying anything from this podcast. You can find us online at criminalshateus.com. That’s Criminals Hate US Dotcom or by searching the hashtag Criminals Hate US on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

It’s been a busy start to this month and it’s busy start to this year. If you watch anything in the news, I’m sure you can imagine the security industry has been running full bore still just because of everything going on. You know, but we have a new year, a new president. We actually end up with a peaceful transition of power. So life’s good. I think hopefully these next four years go well. We’ll see. Don’t want to get into politics here, but certainly we don’t want to wish anything bad on the leaders of our country because we are all in this together. I want to bring up one thing, though, about the incident that happened at the Capitol Building.

So I think everybody saw on the news for a while. Still going on now on the news. But, you know, people stormed the Capitol building. Right. And. They were able to get in with little to no resistance, so someone want to talk about today is a lockdown and a lockdown does is it allows specific security people to hit a single button and lock down every door in their building. And this could be useful for a courthouse. It can be useful for an office building. It could be useful for a factory. It just basically says that all the doors that are normally unlocked are immediately going to be locked. And it’s a one click thing or you have to go to every door and check it. They just all immediately lock. And it’s a very efficient way to add a physical security barrier or barrier to a building that maybe isn’t normally there.

So I’m not saying that would have stopped anything on the 6th, but it made me start thinking about that because a lot of the doors they have there in that building do actually have access control on them. And certainly some of them have glass and they were wood and were able to be broken down, things like that. But overall, I think that for the typical office building, a typical factory, the typical courthouse, those doors and lock cases are going to be steel doors are going to be commercial doors. They’re not there for esthetics or their functionality.

Schools are the same way. Right. And so a single button hit by a manager, hit by a principal, hit by an owner or whatever, that single button pushed and all the doors lock. And so if there’s an exterior threat to the building, you’ve added that extra layer of security.

All the systems that we sell have that functionality, all the systems that I imagine any professional security integrator cells have that lock down functionality. So talk to your integrator, talk to us to find out about it so we know the systems we sell. You can actually have that functionality on your mobile device. So in the past, you’d have to go to a button somewhere between a security office and hit it. Now you can do it off your phone. And again, you can limit who has that ability. We can add some features to make sure it’s not accidentally done, but we can now remotely lock the door. So as soon as the threat is known, you can immediately lock all the doors down and prevent unauthorized people from getting into your building. So something to think about as we all start moving back into our offices.

As the world starts back up with our vaccines, we’re going to start having more and more people coming into the office. And so now is a good time to start thinking ahead about what things you can do to protect your personnel, to protect your assets. And one way is to add a system that has a lockdown feature and a writer of physical security system that electronically to lock your doors at the push of a button, find us online at criminalshateus.com. 

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