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Protecting your surveillance system with the right cyber security.

All surveillance video and remote camera access is transmitted via networks. That means proper security for your surveillance network is more important than it ever has been.

Potential vulnerability.

We’ve seen several major surveillance equipment suppliers (most notably Hikvision) experience serious security breaches, including recording systems that were infected with malware, and Trojan Horse viruses built right into smartphone apps.

How we help protect you.

The team at Hoosier Security takes several steps to ensure the security of your system.

First step: We start by choosing equipment manufacturers that take network security seriously. We are not bound to any specific manufacturers or distribution agreements, and we are selective in the equipment that we will actively recommend. We try to provide multiple options so you can weigh the costs and benefits. We do not push specific products or manufacturers for ulterior motives.

Second step: Whenever possible, we install surveillance systems with a separate dedicated network and only one Wide Area Network (WAN) point. Our systems are designed to minimize the impact on your network. Bandwidth and the number of devices actually on your network are kept to a minimum by creating a physically separate network for our cameras. We integrate a single device into the existing network to serve as a central management point for the other devices.

Third step: We remove all default usernames and passwords from all cameras and recording systems to prevent unauthorized access. We coordinate our installation with your IT staff to ensure we follow your specific security protocols. As simple as this sounds, default usernames and passwords are a key cause for most cyber security issues when it comes to “Internet of Things” (IoT) devices.

Fourth step: We turn off telnet access to individual devices and create a separate administrator account so you can have full access to your system, while allowing us to provide excellent remote support.

Final step: Our Just Fix It (JFI) Service Agreement will provide firmware updates and system maintenance, ensuring it is always up to date and quickly fixing any uncovered security flaws. This not only ensures a current and protected network environment, it also saves money on post-attack problem solving.

Cyber-security for CCTV has never been more important.

Choosing the wrong security contractor or not asking the right questions can have serious repercussions.

Your network is one of the largest assets under your care. It’s imperative to ask the right questions and to identify all factors and risks. You need to know whether the system being pitched has your back when it comes to network security.

Your security systems should reduce risk. The only way to ensure that is to select your security partner wisely. Let us tell you more about how we can do that. Contact us today for a free consultation.  

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