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Protecting Your Outdoor Assets and Inventory

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At Hoosier Security, we understand that protecting your outdoor assets and inventory is critical to the success of your business, this is why we created our SITEWatch: Active Security suite of video monitoring solutions. Outdoor assets and inventory are often exposed to the elements, making them vulnerable to damage and loss. This is where video monitoring comes in. Here we will explore how video monitoring can help protect your outdoor assets and inventory and why SITEWatch from Hoosier Security is the best solution to apply in those scenarios.

Let’s first quickly define Video Monitoring. Video Monitoring uses cameras to monitor a specific area, such as a parking lot, construction site, or outdoor storage area, this can be done by a human being or can be done on an event-based trigger. Near real-time video footage can be viewed remotely by our central-station following a response protocol up to and including dispatching law enforcement to a crime in progress…

Here are some ways that video monitoring can help protect your outdoor assets and inventory:

  • Deter theft and vandalism: Visible cameras can act as a deterrent to potential thieves and vandals. Knowing that they are being watched can discourage them from attempting to steal or damage your outdoor assets and inventory.
  • Identify intruders: If a thief or vandal does attempt to steal or damage your outdoor assets and inventory, video monitoring can help identify them. The footage can be used as evidence to prosecute the perpetrator and recover your stolen property. Often, when we report to law enforcement as something happens, it leads to an arrest within minutes.
  • Monitor employee behavior and safety: Video monitoring can also be used to monitor employee behavior. This can be useful for ensuring that employees are following safety protocols and company policies, and for identifying any potential theft or misconduct. We can also use video monitoring to provide virtual employee escorts at shift closing, when there may be cash or other safety concerns.
  • Ensure compliance: Video monitoring can help ensure compliance with safety regulations and industry standards. This is especially important in industries such as construction, where safety is a top priority, or where a business wants to ensure that certain processes are always followed.

When it comes to outdoor security, it’s important to choose the right camera for your needs. Here are some factors to consider when choosing cameras for outdoor monitoring:

  • Durability: Your cameras need to be durable enough to hold up under exposure to elements like rain, snow, and high winds. Look for cameras that are specifically designed for outdoor use and have an IP rating of at least 65.
  • Night vision: Outdoor cameras should have night vision capabilities to ensure that you have 24/7 visibility of your outdoor assets. Our designers are well-trained in camera specifications to ensure your video is actionable under all circumstances.
  • Wide-angle view: Cameras with a wide-angle view, like fisheye cameras, are useful for monitoring large outdoor areas, such as parking lots and construction sites.
    Remote access: Choose cameras that you can access anywhere, so you can monitor your assets and inventory remotely at any time.

We offer video monitoring solutions for all levels of outdoor security needed. Hoosier experts can help you choose the right cameras for your specific needs and design a custom monitoring system that meets your requirements. With our advanced technologies and excellent customer service, you can trust Hoosier Security to help protect your outdoor assets. Please contact us if you’re interested in learning more!

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